How Often Should I See a Family Dentist for Dental Cleanings?

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Family dentist care includes oral care provided to patients of all ages. One of the most popular things that is performed in a family dentist setting is a teeth cleaning. Teeth cleanings are necessary in order to maintain good oral health, which also contributes to overall health. When the teeth are in good shape, the gums are much more likely to remain healthy and strong, and such is the case with the rest of the body. 

A common question that arises regarding teeth cleanings is how often they should be done. In a family dentistry setting, the answer may vary. Read on to find out more!

Understanding the frequency in which cleanings are needed

Below is a quick overview of how often to visit a family dentist practice for cleanings. This information is vital to review as it can be helpful in maintaining good oral health.

On average

For the most part, family dentistry considers two cleanings a year appropriate. These cleanings should be performed every six months to ensure that plaque and tartar build-up are kept at a minimum. 


While the average person will need to visit a family dentistry practice twice a year, there may be certain circumstances that require more frequent visits for some. Outlined below are a few examples of those who may need additional cleanings outside of the twice-a-year regimen. 

  • Elderly patients experience dry mouth quite often, which puts the teeth at risk of developing cavities. Saliva contains minerals that keep the mouth free of bacteria, so when it is not present, there is a higher risk of infection
  • Children who consume a lot of sugar may have a hard time always practicing the best oral hygiene, thus leading to cavities. While it is a common misconception that baby teeth do not matter since they fall out, this is far from true. In order for adult teeth to thrive, the baby teeth must also be healthy
  • Individuals who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol excessively put their mouths at high risk of developing infections. Both contain unhealthy aspects, which can cause the teeth to deteriorate 

It is good to know that some circumstances are not caused by any such factors, such as bad oral hygiene or an unhealthy diet. Some individuals just have features that require them to undergo cleanings more often, which is perfectly okay!

Other things to know

It is good to understand that at-home oral hygiene may not be enough to keep the teeth healthy. While it can be easy to skip appointments to a family dentist practice, it is highly advised not to. Cleanings are an essential part of maintaining a healthy oral cavity. 

Find out more from a family dentist

Want to know more about dental cleanings? Talking with a family dentist may be helpful. As stated earlier, each person has varying needs, which may determine how often to get a cleaning. Thankfully, it is an easy answer! Simply book a consultation in order to be evaluated. Reach out today to get scheduled or to learn more. 

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