Dental Bonding for a Beautiful Smile

Dental Bonding for a Beautiful Smile

Dental bonding in cosmetic dentistry is a procedure that involves the application of tooth-colored materials to teeth to modify the shape, color, and length. It’s usually done to restore function to a tooth damaged by decay or simply for cosmetic reasons.

How is Dental Bonding Done?

Dental bonding is done typically in a single appointment, with or without anesthesia. The procedure takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour for a tooth.

Your dentist prepares the tooth by roughening up the surface and cleaning the edges so it can better accept the bonding. Anesthesia is not required usually, except when the affected tooth is severely damaged by trauma, fractured near a nerve, sensitive or damaged by tooth decay.

A phosphoric acid etching gel is applied to the tooth. The gel opens up tiny tubules which makes the dental composite bond better with the natural tooth surface.
To further facilitate bonding, a liquid conditioning agent is applied to the tooth surface.

Your dentist chooses the right matching shade of dental composite and then forms and shapes it to fit into the affected area. Many layers of the composite are applied for a stronger finish.

A special UV light is held over the dental composite and hardens and cures it within seconds

Your dentist trims the composite material after it cures to bring it to a high polish. This is the time to ensure your bite (or occlusion) is correct, and any alignment issues are corrected. The final shaping and polishing blend the composite properly for a finish that looks and feel like your natural teeth.

Its essential you maintain good oral hygiene — including regular flossing and brushing — to maintain your dental bonding.

Use of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can be done for several reasons including purely cosmetic reasons:

  • Close undesirable gaps between teeth
  • Fix cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Conceal discoloration and stains
  • Relieve tooth sensitivity by covering exposed roots.
  • Modify shape or length of teeth

Dental bonding is one the most important procedures used to restore and enhance your smile. With the information provided, you should be able to discuss with your dentist if you think you might need dental bonding.

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